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What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

The benefits of spray foam insulation

Saves on energy costs: By providing seamless insulation and eliminating air leakage spray foam insulation will deliver real life energy savings.

Reduces energy loss: Produces a seamless layer of insulation, reducing energy loss due to thermal bridging and air leakage.

Prolongs building life: Spray foam insulation keeps out unwanted moisture and mould spores, reducing the degradation of buildings.

Rapid installation times: Our operatives can install many m2 of an area of a roof or wall in a singe day.

Apply to any surface: Spray foam insulation can be applied to almost any surface, including: wood, metal, corrugated fibre, cement board, breathable roofing felt, bitumen roofing felt and many more.

Apply to hard to treat areas: For example, random stone walls, inaccessible areas or curved structures can be insulated without any problems.

Increased occupant health and comfort: By minimising air leakage, polluted air, pollen, dust and moisture is unable to enter the building which directly increases occupant health and comfort levels.


benefits of spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation can provide benefits of thermal and acoustic qualities, creating a stable, warm and quieter environment. Spray foam insulation can reduce your energy bills significantly so you could see return on your investment within 5 years.

about us

About us

Spray Foam Solutions are experts in polyurethane spray foam insulation. Working with architects, specifiers, developers, contractors, self-builders and home owners, we offer a comprehensive spray foam insulation and air tightness service.

Our aim is to provide a cost effective insulation and air tightness solution to increase the low energy performance of buildings. With locations in the South West and Midlands we are strategically placed to service England, Wales and Scotland. We pride ourselves on our integrity, professionalism and customer care, operating in an honest and transparent manor to give our clients reassurance that their needs are being met whilst delivering exceptionally high standards.

All of our spray foam operatives are trained as BASF foam masters and we can offer a 10 year manufacturer backed product guarantee. In partnership with our suppliers, we will find the correct insulation and air tightness solution for you needs, providing full U Value calculations and condensation risk analysis that will satisfy building control.

We hold full accredited from the British Board of Agrément (BBA), Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and BASF Foam Masters.


Contact us

Contact us

We pride ourselves on offering the best product with the best service. For a free, no obligation quote or to discuss your requirements further please get in touch. You can contact us by phone, email or by filling in the form below.





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